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Legacy ID support Take a leap of faith and listen to album, you will definitely find at least one song or song will find you. Don't hesitate and listen. Favorite track: Collateral Damage.
S R Port
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S R Port An explosion of pummeling riffs, progressive breaks and fantastic grooves. Really glad I took a chance on listening to this. It's like Boy Hits Car and Extreme jamming together. That may sound strange, but it's excellent! Favorite track: Prison Break.
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Oscar Clicked on this after browsing for prog-metal on bandcamp and was blown away within minutes! So much groove, so much riffage 0_0 Favorite track: Razorblades.
David Davis
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David Davis This album just kicks ass from beginning to end. Brilliantly written and executed. Highly recommend! Favorite track: Collateral Damage.
Aaron Pavone
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Aaron Pavone I just bought this and haven't had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet, but already love it. I was caught right away with "Chameleon." Legacy ID stand out in the progressive metal arena and put out some serious riffage and vocals with their own uniqueness in sound. Favorite track: Chameleon.
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  • Limited edition compact disc in Digipak with signed booklet!
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Limited edition compact disc in Digipak with signed booklet by every band member for you.
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    + This includes digital album download!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Genesis via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Genesis is Legacy ID debut album.


released June 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Legacy ID Latvia

Legacy ID is band from Latvia. Formed in February of 2013, the group consists of guitarist Artis Apinis, vocalist Andis Jekabsons, drummer Ivars Logins and bassist Andrey Nikitin.

Band is considered a progressive metal/rock band. Influenced by a wide variety of genres, Legacy ID takes the best of everything to create their distinctive sound and progressive arrangements.
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Track Name: Chameleon
Now you see, now you don't!
Nothing is what it seems.

Now I’m here, now I’m not!
A shapeless form- Chameleon.

I am invisible, I am a mystery.
I choose to stay in shadows, where I have my privacy.
You never see me coming, you’ll never see me go.
I'm always here beside you, but I guess you'll never know.

I adapt, I pretend,
I disguise, I defend.

I keep it to myself, I let nobody in.
Hurt too many times, hiding under my skin.
You hit me with a smile, Looked into my eyes!
This never happened before, so imagine my surprise!

Living day by day,
Hoping all the shit will go away.
Just let me be- alone.
Cuz' I'm too scared to show
Who I really am, nobody knows.

If I let somebody in, it's like I lower my shield;
Feeling so defenseless on this raging battlefield.
Should I take a chance and become visible?
Or should I keep pretending that I’m invincible?
Track Name: Grand finale
You see people, set to live and die.
I see soldiers, fighting for their lives.
You feel forgotten, no one fights for You.
You are mistaken- Fight is all we do!

A brief moment of calm before the storm
Makes you wonder, is this not a dream.
I wish it was, we could just wake up!
This is it, it’s on now! Heads up!

Hunger for truth, thirst for blood,
Passion for life is all that I’ve got!
Today I’m alive, tomorrow i die.
And if i lose, at least i tried!
You saw me rise, you’ll watch me fall
Beyond the earth, above it all.
From first to last, forget the rest-
I’ll never be the second best.

Now, listen; it all has come to this-
The Grand Finale; Step into the abyss!
Face your demons, no one gets out alive.
You’ll keep falling ‘till you learn to fly.

If this life is all that there is,
then let’s make it count!
Track Name: In your face
I’m sick of being pushed around,
Feels like ground and pound,
Beating me down.

I’m tired being trampled on
Like stepping stone
With no backbone.

Everyone thinks they know me,
That they understand,
The kind of a man.

Behold! It’s the new me,
Like the Phoenix,
Back from the dead.

I used to give up easily; I didn’t even try to fight!
I wonder what they’ll do to me if I stand out.
Now it’s just history I remember with a smile,
Everything done to me- back in your face!

Be aware, who you trust,
Stay awake and adjust!
If you let them attack,
They will stab you in the back!

Let them see you’re not scared,
Let them know you’re prepared!
Raise your voice, let me hear;
Scream away all your fear!
Track Name: Monopoly
Another deal is made, another soul is sold.
Got nothing left to trade, I’ve got no choice but to fold.
Become a Master Slave, among the emperors and kings.
A pointless game of thrones, marionettes and clones.

Place your bets and make your move,
And pray to God you win!
You know what happens if you lose-
The end begins! Your end begins!

We are disposable.
We are replaceable.
We are the priceless sons,
Sold out to the mighty ones.
They fold as the tables turn,
We smile, watch the money burn.
No one is truly free
In this game of monopoly.

A grand conspiracy to bring us crumbling down.
We are the pawns of vanity, just another number with a face.
Your life is just a tool, to be used and thrown away.
Please, don’t be a fool- you were never here to stay.
Track Name: Collateral Damage
Woke up this morning, a day like every other day.
A cup of coffee, I’m ready and on my way.
Big plans for the weekend, hanging out with the friends.
But who could have known, that today it all ends.

The sky is falling, our world is collapsing,
No more goodbyes as we’re buried alive.
All this corruption has led to destruction.
Collateral damage, acceptable loss.

Like a lottery You are forced to play;
If you’re lucky- You get to live another day!
The odds are against you, ‘cuz the house always wins.
„Thank you for playing!”, someone else’s game begins.

Stay awake!
Wide awake!
Do not let your guard down!

You’re in someone else’s movie,
In a car chase scene where you crash.
There are billions more like You,
And your lives are bought with cash.
Track Name: Hope
Wandering through countless stars,
Lost my way among those scars,
Looking for the one that gives me hope
And strength to go on.
It’s a place where I could hide
From the truth and live a lie,
But the tides of change have washed away
My castle of sand

Is it just a cruel dream?
Will I wake up with a scream?
Hanging by a thread, the only thing
Keeps me from falling.
The clock is ticking, it won’t stop,
Hope is everything I’ve got!
It’s not a feeling, but a state of mind
That „I’ll be fine”.

Searching for the answers,
For the truth, to find the
Needle in a hay stack,
Teardrop in an ocean.

Now I know I’ll be alright,
No more darkness in my sight,
At last I found myself today, got the one to lean on.
Time will come and time will go,
Brand new man has been born,
Memories of laying my face down are long gone.
Track Name: Gold Barbell
We choose the best,
We’re getting better and better.
Never back down,
Pushing ourselves to do more.
Building ourselves up,
Higher and higher.
To be the best, we become the beasts.

Keep the lights on,
This is my home.
The sun is sinking,
But I won't go down, for sure!

Our life will be your inspiration.
We cast our rivals into desperation.
Our fight will be your resignation,
For ourselves and for our nation.

We will never back down,
We will fight until the end,
Blood, sweat and tears,
But there's no fear, there's no fear!
We are the brave ones,
We are the champions
We are the lion hearts,
We are the GOLD BARBELL!
Track Name: Prison Break
Lost all the purpose, all the reason
Why am I still here? I should be running for my
Life isn’t over, it just began to make
Sense of who I am.

I’m free in my dreams, I’m complete and I like it!
No restrains, no chains holding me.
Then I wake up, I’m stuck and I don’t like it!
I think it’s time for me to break free!

Need to be remembered, to be the best
I can! It’s not too late, I am doing it right
Now! I won’t let another day pass me by, pass me by.

I’m free in my dreams, I’m complete and I like it!
Like a bird in the sky, flying high.
Then I wake up, I’m stuck and I don’t like it!
Will I ever be alive?

From my mistakes, from my past,
From my prison, to be free at last.
I will be free at last!

I’ll stand for what’s right, for what is true, I live to fight and I fight for You

My prison walls are my mind, I don’t like it.
If I stay, I will die inside.
I’m breaking free, I’m complete and I like it!
No chains can hold me now!
Track Name: Razorblades
I’m moving forwards on my Razorblades.
The earth is shaking, I’m on my way down!
Can’t stop this power, these Razorblades.
It’s the final hour, all hell beneath my feet!

Everything I say, everything I do,
All my broken ways lead me back to You.
I have seen my life torn before my eyes.
Here and now, it has to stop somehow!

I’m passing judgment, although I’m worse.
I dwell in shadows, please take away this curse.
Everything that I touch, it turns to dust.
I seek salvation, but no one I can trust.

It’s time to put away these blades-
My faults and my demons.
It’s time to face this enemy,
This man in the mirror.
I won’t be just another fool,
I won’t be a failure!
I refuse to be a devil’s tool!
I need a savior.